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Please check back for additional application support.
If you still need support, please feel free to contact our support team

Accessing Online version and Updating the original version 1.5

December 22, 2011
The small problem that was affecting the Warranty Time Guide ver 2.5 has been corrected. The shortcut that you were using was going to the wrong location, we located the cause and corrected the problem. Thanks for your patience.

If you are still using the original version you will see and error code when updating. You data may also revert back to an earlier date. Please call or email me for assistance. I can send you the updated information. The application that should update you automatically has a problem. Thanks for your patience.

Whenever something is not normal please give me a call 800-596-7507 and I will get you up and running. I count on dealers calling and letting me know if something is not running right, I can then find the cause and return it the normal reliable program you enjoy. With all the recent work we will be adding some additional features to make your job of coding Labor Operations, getting information and staying current even easier.


Warranty Time Guide
Online Version 2.0

If you want to download the earlier On-line version 2.0 you can get it here. Version 2.0 On-line.
  • Create a shortcut for this new location by moving your mouse to a blank portion of the screen and right click then choose "Create Shortcut".
  • Enter your Dealer Code and Password. If you don't remember your password please call me 800-596-7507. You can also use right side of the log-in to enter the program with just your Dealer Code. When you get a chance contact me for your Dealer's password.
Common Issues
  • Messages Keep Popping on Screen

    This is normally caused by the Cookie setting for your PC. To check go to Internet Tools. Then go into Security and then Advanced Settings. Look to see if there is a Check for how the Cookies are being handled. If there is a check in the box remove it and see if that helps. It also helps if your Security Level is set at Medium.
Warranty Time Guide
PC Installed Version 2.0

A couple of issues my occur.
If you need to upgrade your PC to the new .Net 2.0 go to .Net 2.0 install.

Common Issues
  • Some dealerships have installed powerful firewall's to prevent download problems.

    If you tired to install the PC version of the program and it does not open with the Log-in screen you will need to contact your IT department to reset your permissions. They need to Open Port 1433 for TCP IP and possibly Port 1434 UDP. This should allow full program access.
Warranty Time Guide
Online Version 1.5

If you are using this version of the WTG, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of the program.
Download the Original Software Program
Some installations of version 1.5 did not uninstall properly when using the Add/Remove programs or the Uninstall option in the Time Guide installation folder. Use the Time Guide Remove utility to fully remove the Time Guide from your system. Download the Time Guide Remove Utility.
Updating Your Data

Use this link to update your data when you have an error using "Check for Updates" using the Program.
This is for use with the Original Program version. The newer version Warranty Time Guide V.2 requires no update.

If you are still using the Original Version call us to Upgrade, if you are currently a subscriber there is no additional charge.

Common Issues
  • Problem:
    Unable to update.


    When you try to update you will get an error message, your data may also revert back to an earlier date. If this happens please give me a call so I can send you the updated file to make your data current.

Warranty Time Guide
Version 1.4 and Lower

If you are using this version of the WTG, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of the program.

Updating Your Data

Use the Help menu and choose Check for Updates.

This will then open a small program that will connect you to the location needed to see if a newer Warranty Data update is needed. If a newer version is available you will get an option to download the latest update. If you have the most recent version the up dater will tell you.

If you get the message that you cannot connect to the Internet, and you really can, then use this link [link]Update, to get the updates. We know of a problem with some computers and are trying to find a cure.

Common Issues
  • Problem:
    MDAC Error


    This error is just because Microsoft came out with a better way to handle data, it should only affect Windows 98.

    Download the MDAC 2.8 fix from This feature was incorporated in later operating systems from Microsoft.

    When you get to the Microsoft site, choose Download and then let it install to where Microsoft wants it placed. You may need to be an administrator to perform this update and it will require a restart of your system.


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