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Cost and Fair Use
Dealership Questions
About the Program
How much does it cost?

There is no charge to try the program. We allow a several week period of use so you can be sure it's as good as we say it is. The actual purchase price for the dealership is $325.00. This includes all computers in the dealership for one year. The dealers who have signed up and paid prior to the release will not be affected by the price increase until their next renewal date.

Toyota is coming out with more and more vehicles and in the past all would have had more and more books. The $325 was like having a full set of current books at each work station along with a source book for vehicle information.

I know things have changes in the recent years. Toyota now has a application, much like ours available to you. Their's is good but not as friendley and not always available for you to use. Fixed-ops is a true Internet application available anywhere at any time for you and your staff to access. It's quick, relialble and very easy to use.

We take care of the new models and the additional UFRM sections you now order, which seems like every month lately. Remember, using this program, you can code an operation in about 20 seconds without getting up or opening any "books" using our Warranty Coding Program.

How does it compare to the "Big Name Programs"?

This program is smaller, quicker and more accurate than the Big Guys. ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds have versions that work but are more difficult to use. The Fixed-ops program is updated every time you use the newer or online version, with the others you wait for the next tape or CD update. This program was designed and written by someone like yourself who codes claims for a living, so it's laid out in a manner that you will understand on your first use. We have added some helpful hints throughout the program when special cases apply, many dealers learn something new when using this program. It's also great for new hires be they ASMs or warranty administrators, their learning curve is so much quicker than using one of the UFRM books.

Our price of $325.00,(yearly price is for the dealership no matter how many PC's are used along with unlimited updates and support) is so much lower because we don't have the overhead they have, and we want as many dealers to use this program as possible.

We have a small dedicated staff of highly knowledgeable people who work hard to make this product the best it can be for the Toyota dealers. Our goal from the beginning was to make sure this program got into every dealers hands and change the way we all look up the coding information for warranty claims.

Does the program work on all PC's?

It is designed to work on all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 10. It seems to work the best on Chrome. I have found that Internet Explorer has some issues depending on the security software your dealership may use. The program is Internet based. Your only need is to have Internet access. If you have any special needs give us a call to see what can be done.

If you ever encounter a problem, have a question we are available to answer them almost immediately over the phone - 800-596-7507

Where did the idea come from?

We designed this program to assist our ASM's coding warranty claims. We thought how hard could it be to make the "Books" available on a PC workstation. If we knew then what we know now it may never have been attempted. Actually it never ends, new models come out, improvements made as to how the repair is looked-up and additional program features are being added continuously.

During the data entry process it dawned on me that other Toyota dealers could benefit by what we were doing. The Fixed-ops web site was the start, but it was limited you had to go through 4 screens to get the answer. The online version has been greatly upgraded, it is being used by many dealers who enjoy the speed and wealth of information.

Not being satisfied with the speed of the original installed version we have evolved to an Internet based program version (Smart Client) which is much faster and all the information is on your screen immediately. Using the curernt Online version you are able to switch from the Fixed-ops program to the Repair Order on your workstation and enter the Operation Number, Combo Codes, Operation Times and correct T1 and T2 codes for that operation.

Do I still need the Warranty books if I use the Fixed-ops Warranty Coding Program?

We used to recommend having at least one set of complete UFRM books on hand. Now wth Toyota's CPS up and running you have access to the warranty information, if needed.

How many computers can I use for the one fee?

You can use the program on any PC you want. Some dealers only use one to start, others have as many as 15 +, the price is the same. You also get full use of the Online version as an added benefit.

How do I get updates?

The updates are available whenever you open the program. Since it's web based if we make a program upgrade or add data you get those the next time you see the program . So what we are saying you are always getting updates without asking when they are posted.

Can this program increase my department profits?

I guess the answer is yes. The program will tell you all the options available for each repair Toyota will accept. With the new CPS system we have additional options available to us in claim coding. Since our program contains the entire contents of the UFRM you have the tools needed to code any claim you encounter.

We also have added, in the new program version, the ability to select the vehicle then search for the Op Code by using the first 5 digits of the failed part number. A great time saver.

How many times have we submitted a claim, only to realize that: we used the wrong operation, missed combination codes or forgot to include diagnosis time. We have designed this program to be fast and accurate including the possibilities available for each operation. Unless your warranty administrator is first rate you will probably recover the fee for the full yearly subscription in your first month with the additional hours collected. ADP says, using their confusing Warranty Wizard, you can increase your claim dollars by $48,000 . I wish I could claim that (I love sales projections by vendors) but using the Fixed-ops program you will collect all you are entitled for each repair, and do it faster than you thought.

I already have either Reynolds and Reynolds or ADP Warranty Wizard.

Both of these companies' products are good but not great. Our program is a step above those in warranty coding and the cost of the Fixed-ops Warranty Coding program is $325 yearly for the entire dealership (Updates are free and automatic). Fixed-ops is faster and more accurate than either one of the others. ADP charges $73 a month ($876 yearly), a $169 set up fee and they charge $62 for every update (which arrive weeks or months after the information changed).

Reynolds and Reynolds is a little less, but I don't have many details about their program or their support, I do know that they are slow in updates. Fixed-ops is only getting better and is flexible enough to stay current to the day. We have plans for the future that will blow the socks off either of the other two. We have kept the cost low because we feel the program has such value and it's kept current because we also use it daily at my dealership. Cancel your subscription to the other system and you will improve your profits immediately.

What if you have Admin controls on your PC's?

Many dealers are worried about downloading a computer virus. Our program is now web based the exposure to your PC's is limited. There is nothing to download only adding the Fixed-ops icon to your desktop for faster access. Think of it as any other website you may visit like Amazon.

With the full yearly subscription each PC in your dealership will get full use the our warranty coding app 24/7.

What else do I get with the yearly subscription?

Besides the great program and all the updates, you can ask me "real world" questions. Many times I get calls from dealers about some warranty repair coding that they may not want to ask the Help Line.

I have the experience and knowledge to offer some suggestions that have been proven in the actual claim submission world. I don't know everything and won't offer advice that is contrary to the Toyota Warranty Policy, but there is more that is not in the book than you think. I am but a phone call away for those who subscribe to the Warranty Coding Program.

How do I register for the Program?

The current version is accessed from our web site we suggest making it a favorite then placing a shortcut on the desktop for faster access.

Can I install the program on the TIS machine?

Yes you can install it on the TIS machine. We have it in place as do many other dealers. Most of you now have the newer TIS machines with Windows and the program works great.

Who are the people behind the program and web site?

I was a service manager with a Toyota dealer. I have been doing this for over 30 years the last 16 with Toyota. I've been a Master Level Service Manager since 98, achieved Service Excellence 8 times, Presidents Award 7 times. The information contained is right out the UFRM books from 1996 to the most current information available. Since I have used Toyota's Warranty System for years and I have added some "tips" to assist the less experienced users. The information stays current because we use it every day, just like the hundreds of other Toyota dealers.

What does Toyota think about the site?

Toyota came out with it's own version of Fixed-ops. The CPS is a great application but since it was designed by professional computer designers it does not work as well as Fixed-ops. You still have to jump through a couple of hoops to enter the vehicle, like copy and paste the VIN to get started. Their method of finding the repair is still "old school" compared to Fixed-ops. Does it work, of course but is worth the time needed to find the repair.

Our added features of looking up repairs in "shop speal" is superior to Toyota's traditional way of naming repair. We added other features like looking up repair areas from the part number. We also add hints to what may also give you the maximum time for each repair. We also have included the ability to look up TSB's, open Campaigns, and the Source Book. The Source Book provides the most commonly asked questions, by the owners, abuot their vehicle, it makes you really smart/helpful person with a quick response to their question.

How to get a copy of the Warranty Coding Program?

You can also download it from the site. Click here to start the experience

Who is using the Program now?

The list of Toyota dealers grows daily. Here is a list of some of the Toyota Dealers who are using the Warranty Time Guide program and have put their UFRM books away. The dealers range from the smaller to some of the largest service departments in the country.
This program and web site has helped them be more profitable and productive, it can also help your department.

How to stay current with the changes?

You are current every time you use the program. Since it's web based it's current to that day and even changes throughout the day if needed.

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