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There is never a charge to try the program.
We allow a several week period of use so you can be sure it's as good as we say it is.

The yearly subscription cost for the dealership is $325. This includes all computers in the dealership for one year. You will also receive, at no additional charge, any updates that are made during the year. Since the program is Internet based you are able to access the information from any PC with an Internet connection.

Toyota is coming out with more and more vehicles and we all have more and more books. The $325 is like having a full set of current books at each work station along with a source book for vehicle information. We take care of the new models and the additional op code sections you now order, which seems like every month lately. Remember, you can code an operation in about 20 seconds without getting up or opening any "books" using our Warranty Time Guide.

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