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Online Toyota Service Menus
  • Take a few minutes to learn about the Online Toyota Service Menus. (13:45)
  • Imagine having total control over your service menus and never pay a printer again. Total yearly cost for your dealership is $500 (if you already use the Warranty Time Guide - your cost for Service Menus is about $40 a month) ,no hidden fees or chemicals to purchase to get the low rate. Like the Warranty Time Guide, I don't think something that works this well and is this easy to use, needs to be expensive. In June 2013 significant improvements have been released. These improvements will improve performance and greatly reduce set-up time. Imagine being able to set up your entire Service Menus for all Toyota/Scion models in 2 hours and be able to make changes in a few keystrokes.
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Warranty Time Guide Features
  • Designed for coding with the CPS claim processing system.
  • The 2021 model update to the warranty books are now added on all versions of the Warranty Time Guide program as the information is available from Toyota. TSB's, Campaigns, Warranty Policy Bulletins are added daily when they are published.
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About the famous Warranty Time Guide Program
The Warranty Coding program was designed to be used from the front desk personnel to the technicians, and the go-to reference for the Warranty Admin. Many dealers now have the technicians code their own warranty repairs due to this programs ease of use and accuracy. One testament to its value is that the yearly renewal rate from using dealers is almost 96%, combined with the programs low yearly cost. I can almost guarantee that in the first month you will recover the fee with increased payments from your warranty claims.

Toyota came out with it's own version of Fixed-ops. The CPS is a great application but since it was designed by professional computer designers, not actual users, it does not work as well as Fixed-ops. Using CPS still have to jump through a couple of hoops to enter the vehicle, like copy and paste the VIN just to get started. Their method of finding the repair is still "old school" compared to Fixed-ops. Does it work, of course, but is worth the time needed to find the repair.Fixed-ops offers extra features not available using CPS.

Fixed-ops is a licensed vendor from Toyota. We receive the most recent updates, when available, and update our data source.

If you want to try the application, but cannot register for the trial, please call or email so we can give you access.

-John Dynan
Founder and Toyota Master Service Manager #toyotamenus, #toyotawarranty

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Warranty Time Guide Information
Warranty Time Guide Information
Online Service Menus
Online Service Menus
  • Online Toyota Service Menu demo. We have completed making many important improvements. These improvements will improve performance and greatly reduce Menu set-up time. Until you watch the demo you won't believe the ease of use and power of this Menu application. Watch Demo
  • Log-in and try the Online Toyota Service Menus Application