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Online Toyota Service Menus
  • Imagine having total control over your service menus and never pay a printer again. Total yearly cost for your dealership is $500 (if you already use the Warranty Time Guide - $40 a month) ,no hidden fees or chemicals to purchase to get the low rate. Like the Warranty Time Guide, I don't think something that works this well and is this easy to use, needs to be expensive.
  • The Service Menu is totally open to your edits. You can add or change the menu's content to meet your dealership needs whenever a change or addition is needed. You have total control without waiting for the "program host" to make the changes for your menus. New features are coming to make it the easiest Menu system to administer.
  • When you want to try the Service Menus I send you a 3 page user manual. The goal of my programs, they should work the way you think.
Warranty Time Guide Features

  • Designed for coding with the CPS claim processing system.
  • The 2023 updates for Toyota and Lexus have been added to the Warranty Time Guide application.
  • The program allows you to search for Op Codes using the Keyword Search Demo, Failed Part prefix, OP Codes.
  • You can find the Service Bulletins and Campaign information on one screen. No need to go to Dealer Daily or TIS to get the same information.
  • A Source Book type vehicle information is available to help answer customers questions.
  • Our goal is to make your ASM's job easier and more efficient.
  • Your Parts Retail counter can also benefit from the vehicle information the program provides.

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Warranty Time Guide Information
Warranty Time Guide Information
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