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Warranty Time Guide Features
  • Designed for coding with the CPS claim processing system.
  • The 2024 updates to the warranty application is now included on all versions of the Warranty Time Guide app for both Toyota and Lexus. TSB's, Warranty Policy Bulletins and Tech Tips are added daily when they are published.
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Fixed-ops: Your AI-Driven Dealership Solution

Streamline Your Claims Coding Process

While TIS may be a familiar tool for coding claims, it relies on older software functions that can slow down your workflow. Embrace the future with Fixed-ops, a step forward in AI-driven solutions. Fixed-ops revolutionizes how you find operation codes (opcodes) – no more entering VINs and sifting through extensive repair lists.

Intuitive Search, Quick Results

Fixed-ops simplifies your process:

  1. Select Your Vehicle: Choose from Toyota or Lexus models.
  2. Keyword Search: Jump to the 'Quick Links' section, input keywords like 'alternator', and Fixed-ops will instantly display all related operations in the 'Select Operation' tab.

It's that straightforward. Your dealership's annual Fixed-ops subscription grants unlimited access to all staff members, with no installations or updates needed – we handle everything.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Information

As a licensed vendor of Toyota Motor Company, we receive quarterly updates and continually seek new information to keep you ahead. Our mission is to arm you with tools for maximum profitability.

Why Choose Fixed-ops Over TIS?

The cost of using TIS isn't just monetary. The hidden costs of inefficiency, time spent on coding warranty claims, and the risk of mis-coding are significant. For a modest annual fee of $350, Fixed-ops enhances productivity and reduces errors – a small investment for substantial returns. Over 450 Toyota and Lexus dealers have already made the switch.

Experience Fixed-ops Firsthand

Discover the difference yourself with our 30-day free trial. Accessing the trial is effortless: simply click the Use Trial Login link next to the Dealer Number block.

Watch our Demo to learn more and start transforming your dealership’s operational efficiency today!

-John Dynan
Founder and Toyota Master Service Manager

The Fixed-ops warranty is a better version of TIS and it's almost never down.
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Warranty Time Guide Information